Rang Rasiya

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Rang Rasiya

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Scene 1
rudra says to paro that this all started with this doll so take this, it was with me from years because i forgot to throw it, i dont remember that girl wh gave it to me and that guy whom you gave this doll. i have lost that guy, you got your doll now we dont have relation, our string is broken, story over go from here now, he closes gate on paro’s face. he ask all to leave, all leaves. chacha says to rudra to think from paro’s point of view, rudra ask what view which changes every minute, 1st i was killer of her husband, i was devil for her now suddenly i became her savior, now i became her likeness and wanna marry me, chacha says forget about past, it was different. she has been taught to hate bsd but now that everything is clear she knows that you are her savior, earlier that marriage ritauls wit you was like curse for her but now its sweet memory for her, for you it was a mission but she is women, she had haldi of your name, she a typical girl who have values so she cannot forget that, you think from mind but she thinks from heart. PRECAP. rudra says i dont understand this love,marriage and all and even if i understand then this girl, she is a liar, fake girl, i cannot think about her, mohini comes,rudra says we had less problems so you came, she says this is your 3lacs which you gave to buy my son, she says take it, he takes, she says now i bought my son again from you, he leaves.

Scene 2
in night, rudra looks at gate and remembers paro asking to accept her, how she said that she is his wife, how he said that all relation between them is over, he opens gate and sees paro sleeping outside, he is touched, he comes to her (rangrasiya reprise plays). he is about to take her inside but sees sindoor on her forehead, he steps back and goes from there, he turns and looks at her. he closes gate, paro gets up with noise, she ask doll did he came to see me.

Scene 3
sumer is angry with mohini that you gave rudra money back, mohini says i will send you to jaipru with money, make taj mehel there but you dont have taj so just make mehel, sumer says stop joking. she says ok, she says i need your help to throw rudra out, he says should we put fire in his room and make him go in coma too, she says i will tell you what should be done, we will do it together.
paro outside says i will not go from here, how he can say that story over, its actually start, i started understanding him, now he has to understand me, i know it seems like i failed, he broke my heart two times toda but i am not broken, it feels like i have double power to fight , i have hopes and its 1st time with me, i always done what people said to me but now i want to do something which my heart says, i will listen to my heart, i feel good to be with him, i want to be with him and i will. i wanna make him laugh, i know there is kid inside him and i will make that kid understand either by giving toffee or by scaring him and i will make that scared hurt kid to live again but for that i have to go inside house, i will fight, mohini comes and says if you can fight by talking to doll then warrior would nt have used swords but dolls, she meets her doll and says i am rudra’s kaki and soon would be your friend’s kaki too, she says lets go inside, you wanna go inside, i will take you inside, paro says he will not feel good, she says will he like you sitting outside, i am here to help you, paro says what you need in return, she says nothing but in future i can ask. she says when you wanted to run from here i tried to help you but you denied and you are denying too now, she turns, paro thinks that i dont believe her, she must be planning something but i have to be with major sahab, i will have to make him trust me. mohini shows open gate to paro, paro goes inside, mohini thinks that i know he hate you, so irritate him as much as you can paro then he will go away from this house.

Scene 2
in morning, paro comes to maithili and thanks her, she says i have will to fight as you trust me, now i have to make him believe. maithili says i got something that can help you, paro ask did you clean dilsher’s room after fire, maithili says no, mohini calls her she goes. paro says i can find truth by going to that room.

Scene 3
paro comes in dilsher’s room, all things are burned. she looks here and there and thinks how only this room can be burned and that too this much fire. she sees asthma pump of dilsher and takes it, she touches things and says why my hands are oily, whats this, she sits down and sees empty ghee box, she says this means.. she says i have to go and ask maithili what she found.

Scene 4
paro comes out from room, rudra is doing pushup in hall, paro disbalances and box falls on rudra’s head, she runs to him and ask did it hurt, rudra si stunned to see her and says what are you doing here, pro sorry box fell from my hand, i was checking your head, rudra says you cameback again, he holds her hand and is taking out, mohini comes there and says she didnt come herself i took her inside, rudra ask how dare you, mohini says i have taken this girl inside, she will live in this house, if you have problem you can go from this house with your father, rudra is angry.

PRECAP- rudra says to paro that you took kaki’s help and cam in house but that doesnt mean house is yours, i can throw you out right now, paro says i know but you also know that i will come again and agian, rudra says okay be here in some corner but dont show your face to me, i dont wanna see face of gilr liar girl like you, paro is hurt.

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