Rang Rasiya

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Rang Rasiya

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Thalur haveli. Rudra is shocked to know that his mother is tahkur’s wife now. He is still not in a position to believe what he has just known. Aman comes there, seeing Rudra looking at thakur couple picture, says its she who was stopped by them in their check post the other day. Notices some difference in Rudra. Offers to help. Rudra says what he has come to know is more than enough and that they go back. While coming out of thakur house, he gets a call..he rushes out.

BSD station. Paro n her mami. They console each other. Mami is apologetic for deserting her. Paro says time is the best teacher and hurt the biggest lesson. Now that they have learnt thakur is no good. Mami asks Paro to go with her to their house. Paro refuses. BSD officer too says Paro needs good security. Mami leaves. He asks if he could do anything to make her feel safe. Paro says as long as she is with Rudra, she is safe.

Hospital. Rudra rushes inside the hospital. Informed by his chacha that his father has slipped into coma. Doctor also says he should be prepared to get any type of news as nothing can be said about his father as of now. Rudra is shattered more. Informs his coma state father that he has come to know where his mother is and what is she now. In angry tone, he pleads his father not to leave him alone in this world.

BSD station. Aman enters the office to see Paro there. Tells her that rudra’s dad condition has further worsened. Paro says she isn’t responsible for his condition. Says she considers aman her brother and respecting that she promises she isn’t lying. Rudra reaches there. Asks aman to move out and he would stay back there.

Rudra drinking. Paro hears a noise of glass breaking. Rushes inside, sees a liquor bottle and broken glass. Cleans the place. Notices Rudra struggling in the lounge. Sees a wound in hs hand, rushes to help him. Nurses his wound. Gets to see his vulnerable side, by listening to him saying he wants a shoulder to cry and a support system. Says he is hungry. Paro feeds him his dinner and then cleans his mouth. She says to get up and sleep in his room, but he just sleeps in her lap.

Paro reiterating thakur mommy is innocent and that she heard it from thakur himself. Rudra asks why does she call her mom..she replies thakurain is akin to mother to her.

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