Dil Dosti Dance

Schedule: 7.00pm to 7.30pm (Mon-Fri) on Channel-V Last Updated: 03-Sep-2015
Dil Dosti Dance

Dil Dosti Dance is a daily soap opera telecast on Channel V. This show is based on the youth and their ambitions. while they struggle to achieve their goals, they go through a series of relationships of various kinds. Dil Dosti Dance is about the feelings, friendship and dance of a group of young dancers.A college student in Mumbai, Kria is known to take dancing very seriously in Dil Dosti Dance. While her mother is against the notion of Kria dancing, Kria finds herself to wanting to dance more and more. She has a full passion for dancing and despite many challenges on the way she does what ever she can to be on top.The story started from the life of Kriya Ghai Portrayed by Shakti Mohan who comes to Mumbai to follow her dreams of becoming a dancer. Here she joins St. Louis College and gets to know about the divide between dazzlings, the rich brats and the weaklings, the poor fellows. She then meets another weakling, Swayam, who becomes her best friend, Reyaansh, whom she falls in love with and Sharon, her enemy. She falls in love with Reyaansh lovingly called Rey. Swayam was already in love with Sharon Rai Prakash since the last five years but Sharon hates him because he is a weakling. There's a time came when Kria's mother found out by Shivam how Kria is still dancing despite of not being allowed to, and she had to leave Mumbai by leaving Rey all heartbroken. For more info visit Dil Dosti Dance

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